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Italian Cooking Like Nonna Cookbook

by Caroline De Luca

This collection of more than 60 recipes celebrates the traditions of classic Italian cooking with room for you to make it personal and fresh. With each base recipe, Caroline provides gentle guidance and ideas for how you can tweak it. Recipes like Orecchiette with Broccoli & Sausages, Rotolo di Spinaci and Swiss Chard & Mushroom Calzone are absolutely delicious and easy to adapt with produce that’s in season.


Caroline’s Ricotta Gnudi with Lemon Butter & Sage Sauce is incredible on its own, and even better with your personal herb choices. Slow-roasted meats like Nonna Rosa’s Osso Buco are rich, tender and super flavorful, with ample opportunity to change up the flavor profile with herbs and spices.

From pasta and pizza to antipasto, sides and sweets, these special recipes invite you to cherish memories in the kitchen and rediscover the incredible flavors of authentic Italian food.

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