Homemade Limoncello


8 unwaxed lemons

1 litre cleanskin vodka

800ml boiling water

500g fine caster sugar


  1. Remove the wax from the lemons by pouring boiling water over them and giving them a generous wipe down, making sure that you have removed as much of the wax around the skin. Repeat this method twice if needed. Pat down the lemons dry by using a tea towel.

  2. Using a knife or vegetable peeler to carefully peel the rind of the lemons, making sure not to remove the white pith and only the yellow, as this can taste quite bitter.

  3. Evenly divided the lemon peel into two 700ml glass bottles. Pour the vodka evenly into each of the bottles, seal with the lids and place them both in a cool dark corner for 30 days. This will allow the alcohol to extract as much flavour from the lemon peel. Give the bottles a shake every few days.

  4. After 30 days it's time to prepare the sugar syrup. In a large saucepan, pour the water and caster sugar in, giving it a good stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Bring it to a boil and turn off the heat to allow to come to room temperature.

  5. Pour the sugar syrup evenly into each of the bottles and leave uncovered to completely cool. Secure with lids, giving them another shake to make sure the mixture is combined well. Place again into a cool dark corner for a further 30 days to allow all the flavours to infuse. Give the bottles a shake every few days.

  6. After 30 days, strain the mixture to extract the lemon peel from the liquid. Repeat this process twice if needed. Pour the liquid into glass bottles and secure with lids. Place the limoncello bottles into the fridge or for best results, the freeze prior to serving. The limoncello will kept in the fridge or freezer for one month or less if you keep going back for more.

  7. Enjoy in shot glasses on a hot summers day!