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Lamanna Supermarket Collaboration - Roasted Chestnut Soup

There’s something beautiful about roasting chestnuts on an open fire. As a little girl my Nonna would place them in the hot coals of their open fire place and we would all sit around eating hot chestnuts. Unfortunately the fire place no longer exists but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have delicious roasted chestnuts or even better roasted chestnut soup! These delicious chestnuts from Lamanna Supermarket where literally the size of the palm of my hand and seriously delicious! The flavour was so intense that I actually couldn’t stop eating them that I had to buy more! The trick for the perfect roasted chestnuts are to soak them in warm water prior to roasting. This will loosen the shell and wil

Lamanna Supermarket Collaboration - Italian Porchetta

If there is anything that I love more is delicious porchetta! I’ve grown up with porchetta but when I ate it for the first time in Italy, I was blown away! I they serve it in bread and it’s called ‘Pane e Porchetta’ and you can anywhere in the streets of Italy. It’s quite popular in Rome and it’s so delicious that you can’t stop at just one! Basically it is beautiful fresh bread stuffed with delicious porchetta. Meat, crackling and all the juices. How can you not try it? My local go to place LaManna Supermarket in Essendon fields, based in Melbourne. They have everything. I’m not exaggerating.. I mean everything! The range of meats is truly something else and the best part is, is that they d

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